Making Lives Better

Dedicated to community and innovation, ATG | DCCM consistently delivers exceptional results with expertise.

The ATG | DCCM team, founded on the principles of serving our community and fostering sustainable relationships, anticipates and responds to the evolving needs of transportation, providing innovative solutions that resonate both now and into the future. Our dedicated team of engineers, planners, and modelers leverages their extensive technical and regulatory knowledge to serve our clients with unparalleled expertise, ensuring effective and sustainable outcomes.

We Create

Our firm is focused on one goal: helping our clients achieve theirs. With our design, consulting, and program & construction management services, we can get your project off the ground.


We Develop

Turning your vision to reality, we develop infrastructure projects from planning through design and ultimately through construction. Whatever your project, we specialize in developing its reality.


We Support

Do you need help planning or managing projects or someone to focus on the management of your construction? We have that and more ready to support your business needs.


Understanding our role in the communities we serve requires intentionality. Being a servant leader in an organization of dedicated professionals is not about being served, but about serving others. It's the art of leading with humility, empathy, and a genuine desire to uplift and empower those around you. Being a trusted partner to our clients, we prioritize their needs, foster transparency, and build lasting relationships.

JD Allen, AICP, WSO-CSSD, TSSP-Rail/Bus, PTSCTP, President & Principal Planner

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