Robust Public Engagement Was the Difference for Jonesboro’s Comprehensive Transit Plan

Working with Jonesboro Economical Transportation (JET) and the Northeast Arkansas Regional Transportation Planning Commission (N.A.R.T.P.C.) ATG | DCCM delivers a comprehensive Transit System Plan to improve public transit systems for Jonesboro, AR.

ATG | DCCM worked collaboratively with JET and N.A.R.T.P.C. staff, as well as the public, to obtain specific, local knowledge of the service area and transit system that guided the entire process. Providing detailed technical analysis and a robust public engagement effort to obtain input for the development of service recommendations.

ATG | DCCM is committed to Making Lives Better in the communities we serve. The best way to understand the needs of communities is to listen. Success on this project came from investing in listening to the community and helping them discover a path forward that they like and will use.

Using an open and active dialogue with the public and a shared understanding of the tools used to improve transit, ATG | DCCM led the development of operational scenarios that balanced community goals and operational efficiency.

Three key objectives were selected to improve transit in the Jonesboro area:

  1. Frequency (how often the bus comes)
  2. Service Span (how early or late service runs)
  3. Route Design (where the bus goes and how it gets there)

Operational scenarios were evaluated to develop a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA).  Once the LPA was established, ATG | DCCM used its extensive experience to successfully develop a sustainable implementation strategy. The JET Comprehensive Transit Plan will improve service for existing and future customers.