ATG | DCCM Finding Better Ways to Help TxDOT San Antonio Identify and Prioritize Bottlenecks

ATG | DCCM led the effort to identify bottlenecks throughout the TxDOT’s San Antonio District. Using a combination of publicly available data, traffic and cellular travel time information, ATG | DCCM identified and prioritized project locations that will improve mobility for residents throughout the metropolitan area.

The San Antonio District of TxDOT needed an accurate and appropriately prioritized list of traffic congestion hotspots known as bottlenecks. TxDOT selected ATG | DCCM to assist them to develop the basis for selecting and prioritizing the most congested bottlenecks.

ATG | DCCM identified and analyzed numerous data sets, reports, and other resources to deliver a more accurate, in-depth congestion location report supported by pertinent data. ATG | DCCM provided an innovative analytical process that allowed TxDOT San Antonio District to effectively and efficiently prioritize congested roadways throughout Bexar County.