Formulating innovative solutions

ATG | DCCM specializes in pioneering solutions aimed at enhancing transportation systems across a diverse range of environments, including highways, urban and rural facilities, rail networks, transit systems, as well as bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Through our innovative approach and multidisciplinary expertise, ATG | DCCM is committed to shaping transit systems that are safe, efficient, equitable, and resilient, catering to the evolving needs of communities and stakeholders alike.

ATG | DCCM pioneers innovative solutions across diverse transportation systems, from highways to rail networks and pedestrian pathways. Committed to safety, efficiency, equity, and resilience, our multidisciplinary expertise shapes transit systems to meet evolving community needs. We prioritize collaboration with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that our solutions are tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities within each unique environment. This customer-centric approach allows us to create sustainable and inclusive transportation networks that enhance mobility and connectivity for all.

Trust us to manage the complexities of your project, so you can focus on achieving your vision with confidence. Explore our tailored local solutions or see DCCM’s comprehensive services that can make your project a success.

  • Schematic design

  • Geometric design

  • Traffic engineering

  • Intersection design

  • Signaling & pavement marking

  • Traffic signal design

  • Bicycle & pedestrian facilities

  • Illumination

  • Traffic control plans

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

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