ATG listens. We are experts at bringing members of the community together to engage in constructive dialogue, to learn from each other, and to actively engage in the process of planning for the Community’s future.

ATG understands the need for the public to be involved throughout the process of developing transportation projects – from initial goal setting to developing the final plan. We are experts at facilitating active engagement sessions, based on small group interaction using directed dialogue and active listening. We combine the community input from in-person discussions with on-line community input to help build a broad-based vision of the Community’s values, needs, and interests.

We also provide the Community with continuous access to project information throughout the planning process, providing regular updates to project websites, and social media discussions, keeping the Community informed at all times on the status of the project.

Our public engagement programs also incorporate bilingual and culturally sensitive Community participation. We focus on the inclusion of historically underrepresented communities in the planning process, going the extra mile to include members of these communities in the dialogue through targeted outreach programs.

ATG uses a variety of methods designed to reach the members of the Community and to solicit the most useful input from a wide variety of stakeholders:

 Public Meetings
 Stakeholder Interviews
 Web-based Virtual Meetings
 Social-media Updates
 Advanced Technical Stakeholder Workshops
 On-line Surveys
 Interactive Maps
 Pro-active Outreach Strategies

The ATG public participation process has been successfully used in a number of metropolitan area projects, including the Houston-Galveston Area Council SH-6 Access Management Study. At the completion of this project, our client spontaneously provided ATG with an endorsement letter describing the best public participation process ever.

ATG’s highly acclaimed public participation process helps turn opponents into proponents through transparency and inclusiveness.

At ATG, we are often thanked for just listening. But, we also hear. And, most importantly, we use what we have heard from the Community to inform the decision-makers of the Community’s values, concerns and needs. At ATG, we know that this is the secret to effective public engagement and participation.

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