Waco Transit System | Low/No Emissions Fleet Transition Plan

Waco, Texas

In an effort to build a competitive edge for Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funding, ATG | DCCM assisted Waco Transit System with development of a Low/No Emissions Fleet Transition Plan. To develop recommendations, the project team developed a summary-level comparison of viable technologies including diesel, hybrid, battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and others to understand the benefits, risks, and life cycle costs to implement each alternative. The resulting analysis considered the range requirements of the current and future fixed route system for Waco to determine the best options for charging, recharging, and/or refueling along the routes.

Following the alternatives analysis, ATG | DCCM conducted a detailed infrastructure assessment to understand the challenges associated with implementation given current property, energy capacity, and staff ability. With this information, the team led strategy planning sessions with key maintenance and operations staff, board members from Waco Transit, the City Council and MPO, as well as necessary planning sessions with the public and environmental groups.

Following selection of an alternative, ATG | DCCM developed a final Fleet Transition Plan for Waco Transit System to submit as part of a FY2023 Low/No Emissions Grant from the Federal Transit Administration and future grant applications.

Waco was awarded this grant in the FY 2023 awards cycle, receiving $3.1 million in FTA Section 5339 funding.

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