Texarkana Planning for Active Communities

Northeast Texas

ATG | DCCM assisted the Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization (TMPO) in developing a Regional Active Transportation Master Plan to make lives better in northeast Texas. Active transportation focuses on the integration of active forms of transportation such as walking or cycling with passive forms of transportation such as cars, buses, and various forms of rail transportation.

Through extensive data collection and analysis, ATG | DCCM provided stakeholders an accurate view of multimodal connectivity, transit accessibility, and school walkability detailing origin and destination of bicycle and pedestrian attractors, bicycle and pedestrian travel patterns, and analysis of vehicular and bicycle/pedestrian crash trends.

Data analysis was augmented by an innovative public and stakeholder outreach process that included in-person meetings, open houses, workshops, and online components. In addition, surveys were administered at bus stops and other key destinations. Different types of active transportation users were identified to develop appropriate project recommendations, as well as to identify conceptual future bicycle and pedestrian networks. This interactive process identified priorities for the plan.

The project team, in coordination with MPO staff and technical committee, developed short- and long-range strategies including prioritized projects and an innovative funding strategy to best pair projects with potential federal, state, and local funding sources. In addition, the MPO was given complete streets language that local communities can adopt to help guide future project development.

Overall, the plan successfully provided a framework for completing a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian network that will provide equitable and safe access to the transportation system for users of all ages and abilities.

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