City of Natchitoches Comprehensive Safety Action Plan

Natchitoches, Louisiana

ATG | DCCM was part of a team selected by the City of Natchitoches to prepare a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan. The City of Natchitoches was awarded a $280,000 federal planning grant under the Safe Streets and Roads for All program. In order to fulfill the grant requirements and ensure that recommended projects are eligible for implementation funding under the same program, the plan will address all eight required elements of the Safe Streets and Roads for All Federal Grant Program. 

The plan will achieve a Leadership Commitment to the elimination of fatal and severe injury (F&SI) roadway crashes by aligning the goals and visions of the community with actionable projects to achieve that end, working with community leaders including the Mayor and City Council.  ATG | DCCM will coordinate a steering committee comprised of technical experts and community members to provide Planning Structure over the process. Safety Analyses will assess five years of crash data and determine locations and key contributing factors, characteristics and causes of historic crashes for motor vehicles and people walking and biking. Community engagement and collaboration will occur through online and neighborhood listening meetings to gather input and feedback from the public. ATG | DCCM will perform equity analyses to ensure that minorities and other vulnerable populations are fully included in the process and will evaluate project recommendations to ensure that projects are distributed in a manner that benefits all members of the community. Strategies to reduce crashes will be developed and paired with locations to identify projects that can be implemented in the future. To set the City of Natchitoches up for continued success, ATG | DCCM is assisting them with the development of a dashboard that can be used to track progress and transparently report progress to community members. An action plan will be prepared to summarize the process and guide future improvements to eliminate fatal and severe roadway crashes in the future. 

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