ATG | DCCM Traffic Specialists Help North Texas Motorists Through Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Fort Worth District, Texas

To provide motorists with reliable, cost-effective service with actionable information about changing traffic conditions and travel times, TxDOT’s Fort Worth District looked to ATG | DCCM for solutions. ATG | DCCM ITS specialists developed an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Master Plan focused on improving the District’s overall safety and mobility.

ATG | DCCM performed comprehensive existing conditions evaluations that identified congestion points and locations with high crash frequency. ATG | DCCM applied this information to strategically implement closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, dynamic message signs (DMS), and vehicle sensors to enhance TxDOT’s ability to provide more accurate and useful information to motorists.

Advance planning was also performed to address limited connectivity to the rural areas of the District through improved use of fiber optic cable and wireless communication prioritization. ATG | DCCM’s ITS Master Plan study delivered an ITS roadmap that allows TxDOT to efficiently become aware and reliably disseminate better information with more reliable travel times for motorists.

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