Transportation Solutions Firm Dedicated to Making Lives Better AUSTIN, Texas – February 25, 2019 – Alliance Transportation Group, Inc. (ATG), is pleased to announce the roll out of our new brand.

ATG’s rebrand more clearly represents our pursuit to be a leading company in the transportation industry. We provide a distinct combination of planning and engineering services through specialized staff competency and extensive project experience.  We believe this combination of work allows us to fulfill our mission: Making Lives Better. ATG’s future is bright as we continue to grow, advance, and evolve as a superior provider and partner in the transportation industry. – Gayle Heath, Chief Executive Officer


ATG’s new brand reflects our passion to make lives better. ATG is a full-service engineering and planning firm known for taking an innovative approach to improving the movement of people and goods. Our integrated team of transportation professionals create solutions that work, and this new brand reflects our passion and commitment.


The roadway passing through our logo captures the distinctive approach ATG takes to solve the transportation challenges facing our communities and represents the innovative solutions that ATG creates to make lives better.


Our new look and colors are unique to our industry. They represent a can do culture that is committed to success. We diligently foster an entrepreneurial spirit that engenders the development of innovative, value-added solutions for today and tomorrow. This spirit of development and growth, combined with our commitment to Making Lives Better, is what makes ATG impactful in all we do.


Our new brand recognizes the natural shortening of our name that has occurred over time. While we have not changed our official name, the new brand solidifies the official use of ATG in all communications moving forward.  Whenever anyone sees ATG logo, we want them to know who it represents and remember our commitment to value.


Over the past 20 years, ATG has established itself as one of the leading planning practices in the United States. Over the last decade, ATG has expanded its engineering and design capabilities to our traffic and roadway engineering practices. ATG has distinguished itself in the industry by integrating our planning and engineering professionals into interdisciplinary teams that work to create holistic solutions to the challenges our communities face. This commitment has spurred us to become one of the largest transportation practices in Texas.

As we move into the future, ATG is growing a data and analysis practice to help transform legacy data systems into powerful contemporary information systems. These services provide decision makers with the performance metrics systems to identify, prioritize, fund, track, manage, deliver, and report operational and improvement projects.

ATG was founded on the strong belief that success comes from serving communities, developing sustainable relationships, and sharing success, and we know that a commitment to these beliefs will continue to drive our success for years to come.