ATG is Making Lives Better through our commitment to improving all modes of transportation!

ATG is proud of our people, who passionately serve our community.  We are an extraordinary mix of insightful leaders, amazingly talented young professionals, and seasoned industry trailblazers. This cohesive group of planners, engineers, and consultants develop innovative, yet practical, people-oriented solutions that are grounded with accepted planning and engineering principles.

ATG develops plans that focus community goals and objectives to address their needs and challenges. We help by delivering engineering, consulting and planning services to cities, counties (parishes), states, and companies that incorporates their vision for their transportation systems.

We have a proven track record providing exceptional transportation planning, modeling, engineering and public outreach. Our team works collaboratively on projects from conception to completion infused with an understanding that  our work is always professional, practical, and people-oriented, resulting in strong solutions based on technical expertise, client needs, and community support.

Since 1997, ATG has been making lives better. Founded on the belief that if we take care of our clients and our people, ATG will be successful. After 25 years, we know that these core beliefs are true.

ATG’s success is a direct result of our staff’s hard work, and their dedication to the people we serve.

Our Process

01. Research

We always do our homework! We first determine the root cause of issues and challenges, as well as project goals and objectives. This base understanding allows us to develop solutions that effectively address people’s needs.

02. Identify

ATG identifies alternatives that provide the most benefit to the people who need them. We formulate potential solutions through meaningful community input and stakeholder engagement. This allows our team to be able to understand project goals and objectives, develop performance metrics, and measure success.

03. Evaluate

Our team evaluates viable solutions using the performance criteria developed through community input and stakeholder engagement. ATG employs proven planning and engineering processes, procedures and evaluation tools (such as travel demand modeling, traffic simulation, and schematic design) to measure the effectiveness of proposed solutions. We then assemble and present complex results in a succinct, easy-to-understand way.

04. Recommend

Our engineers balance design criteria, regulatory requirements, project phasing, and construction/operational costs to provide solutions that work.


ATG was launched in 1997. We wanted to make a real difference in the community by Making Lives Better for those who depend on transportation. We always remember, that just like you, the people who are dearest to us use and depend on transportation every day of their lives.

We work to make sure that whether you are:

  • going to work
  • going to school
  • going to the doctor
  • going to the grocery store or maybe soccer practice

that you get to where you going safely, reliably, and efficiently whether it’s:

  • by car
  • shared ride
  • bike
  • bus
  • train, or
  • a walk

We provide comprehensive transportation expertise based on an unwavering commitment to the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on building solid relationships, being honest and forthright, and delivering solid transportation solutions that work.

ATG is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with established offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as Lake Charles and Metairie, Louisiana. We’ve expanded our service areas by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging the development of innovative, value-added solutions to transportation challenges.


Building Alliances, Analyzing Possibilities, Creating Solutions


ATG delivers a full range of engineering, planning, and consulting services to address current and future transportation challenges focused on Making Lives Better.

ATG’s core beliefs are serving communities, developing sustainable relationships, and sharing success. ATG will provide planning and engineering services while delivering quality products on-time and within budget. We will deploy interdisciplinary teams of professionals that work collaboratively to create integrated solutions. ATG fosters an entrepreneurial spirit driven to develop innovative value added solutions that address transportation challenges that we face today and in the future.