At ATG, one of our primary focuses is to empower our employees to truly grow in their careers. Our very own Gaby Tassin, Assistant Director of Traffic Engineering, is a direct reflection of that focus. At the recent 2019 Annual International ITE Conference, Gaby was the proud recipient of the     Award. This award speaks to Gaby’s true passion and dedication to the ITE & engineering community. She has served on various chapters and committees as an officer throughout her 13 years as a member with ITE.

A few of her recent notable achievements while with ITE have included her involvement in the Advocacy & STEM Committees as well as the creation of the Women of TexITE committee. Gaby’s involvement in these groundbreaking groups reflect two causes that she is very passionate about: educating & inspiring our future leaders as well as fostering talent, for both men & women, throughout the different stages of their engineering careers. For Gaby, ITE is a place where you can use your technical abilities and passion to make a difference in your community allowing you to place your grain of sand into the world. When asked where she continues to find inspiration, she credits God, her family, ATG staff members and mentors (you know who you are) that motivate and keep her on her feet!

A strong advocate for change and passion for one’s trade, Gaby has a strong support system behind her which she credits for her success. Her husband, Bradley, two children, Isabella (7) and Patrick (4), as well as her mom, brother, suegra, dad, cuῆada, friends and extended family, encourage her to keep going.

As Gaby continues to make notable waves in the ITE community, she imparts a wise piece of advice: find your support team and take care of them. Love them. Communicate with them. They will always lift you up and help you make your mark in this world. My family, friends & ATG staff members have all helped me put my grain of sand into the world.