Crafting Solutions for Sustainable Mobility

Our commitment lies in optimizing safety, enhancing mobility, and maximizing economic benefits through our specialized traffic recommendations. At ATG | DCCM, we take charge of developing Intelligent Autonomous Junction Recommendations (IAJRs) and conducting thorough evaluations of intersections and alternative intersection solutions. Our comprehensive services extend to detailed traffic analyses and design, utilizing advanced simulation techniques like microscopic, mesoscopic, and macroscopic modeling. Additionally, we excel in conducting meticulous traffic safety assessments, including predictive crash studies in accordance with the Highway Safety Manual Predictive Method. This integrated approach ensures that our solutions are tailored to the unique demands of modern transportation systems, enhancing visibility and authority on your website.

Trust us to manage the complexities of your project, so you can focus on achieving your vision with confidence. Explore our tailored local solutions or see DCCM’s comprehensive services that can make your project a success.

  • Corridor analysis

  • Park and ride facilities

  • Traffic signal design

  • Traffic control plans

  • Managed lane evaluations

  • Parking and circulation studies

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